System Restart

System restart is a Boiler Room project, started in the wake of the pandemic that brought club culture to a halt. I worked with them to create an identity for, a ten-day digital festival in the spring of 2021. Due to the diverse, overlapping, and constantly changing festival lineup, I wanted to make something that reflected that and felt a bit overwhelming, extremely colorful, not too concerned with grids, alignment and order.

Boiler Room
Jure Lavrin
art direction
Josh Wiley
Amar Ediriwira
System Restart

Stage one: Rhythm Section

Ideas of over-designing, maximalism and horror vacui were crucial for this project while a rough system of 4 stages with different color waves and typographic moods served as the backbone of the seemingly chaotic identity. 

A few of the digital assets made for Instagram stories

Stage two: 4:3 Cinema

Stage three: Club Quarantine

Stage two: Collective TV

Main festival logo

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