Axis Mundi

Axis Mundi is a semiotics agency in Brighton, UK, run by Kouroush and Rosie. Since they work with semiotics, I proposed five symbols with open meanings as the center of their identity, all of which are yet to become something and carry some potential (wood can be kinetic energy, rock a construction element, dough can turn into food…). Still-life photographs of these objects are used as the logo, paired with a simple color system, custom and serif typography. Fun fact: I also designed their wedding invitation.

Axis Mundi
Klemen Ilovar
Tilen Sepič
Axis Mundi

Axis Mundi logo, Fruit of the Loom style

Another Axis Mundi logo

Brand announcement poster

Good business logo
Bad business logo

Different colored logos had different rules for usage – see brand guidelines below for details

Printed matter

Business cards

Illustrations for an Axis Mundi contribution in Tank Magazine

Brand Guidelines

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