Fotopub 2019

Fotopub is a photography-turned-art festival that was once held in Novo mesto but is now staged in Ljubljana. I’ve been working on it for a while, using it as a testing ground for new ideas. The identity of the 2019 festival is built on the premise that visitors don’t need a unified aesthetic experience to understand a festival – which actually just means that design can be and change however we like, and as long as it is interesting, works.

Klemen Ilovar
Fotopub 2019

The mascot

Visitor’s guide

Festival poster

The identity, which revolves around “cracking an egg,” was based on the resemblance between human skin and egg-shell’s texture, as well as the (vague) similarity between the term “butt-crack” and cracking an egg. 

Catalog front cover
Catalog front cover
Catalog back cover
Catalog back cover

Owls by Klemen Ilovar

Photo essay in the catalog, with Klemen Ilovar

The catalog was a simple object, offset printed and staple bound, which presents the exhibition documentation from the festival. Klemen Ilovar and I managed to get a hold of some extra pages and went through some disks to find some extra visual material (owls, cheese, lemons…) that made the catalog a bit less formal and organized.

Spreads from the catalog

Catalog structure, explained by an Estonian middle-aged impersonator, beautifully captured by Sean Yendrys

Fresh Trash exhibition at Fotopub, shot by Klemen Ilovar

Back side of the guide

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