Kicky Yang Zhang shot by Jelly Luise

Beyond by Goat

Goat is an online fashion platform for high-end clothing and sneakers based in Los Angeles. As they expanded into European markets, they started a blog series “Beyond” which captures various cities and people who live there. I worked on the visual identity of the series which started with Deema in London and Kicky in Berlin and now continues in various cities in Europe.

Jelly Luise
Elliott Morgan
Julien Boudet
Piotr Niepsuj
art direction
Christopher Diaz Mihell
Adrián Zorzano
Beyond by Goat

Graphic treatments for the images

Custom typographic treatments as the main visual element of the series

Deema shot by Elliott Morgan

Numbering system for the series

Lorenzo Senni in Milano and Matthias Geerts in Paris

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