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Crutches and a Man

This book series gathers student essays from the Architectural Theory and Critique class at the Faculty of Architecture in Ljubljana. A different coated and textured paper is chosen for each cover, partly because I like it and partly to avoid the near-exclusive use of uncoated and recycled papers in the school’s publishing output. The first issue, Bergle, gathers students' responses to to Philip Johnson’s seminal text “7 crutches of architecture” while the second book in the series, titled Architectural body, and focuses on human figures used in representation of architecture in digital renderings.

Faculty of Architecture
Ana Kosi
Petra Čeferin
Crutches and a Man

Inside spreads

Back cover

Architectural man cover

First half of the publication featured a selection of figures cropped out of various renderings from the school's output

Various captions

Back cover

Cover and backcover for "Nerazumni presežek", the latest book in the series

Fake graffiti were made for caption spreads, Plečnik's portrait was drawn by my sister

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