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edu.arh exhibition

The Faculty of Architecture in Ljubljana celebrated its first centennial, and MAO (Museum of architecture and design) initiated an exhibition around the past and future of teaching architecture. I worked on the exhibition design and graphics with Ansambel, collaborating closely with Boštjan Vuga, a renowned architect and the curator of the exhibition.

Boštjan Vuga
Dan Adlešič
Gregor Bucik
Klemen Ilovar
edu.arh exhibition

A map of the exhibition

Room 1 overlapped images of the current state of the FA building with conversations about the future of architecture education

Rather than making new pieces all of the exhibition furniture consisted of repurposed elements from their attic: previous exhibitions, projects, forgotten installations, garbage. Each of the three rooms in the show had a different look, so we tied everything together with oversized colored text-boards.

All the exhibition furniture from Room 3 was made from previous exhibitions and garbage

Signage was hand painted. The text was later printed with a UV printer.

Exhibition details

Exhibition details

The exhibition lives on

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