Molecule chair

Molecule chair is the first chair I designed. Its form might seem unusual, but the structural idea behind is really simple. A single element is repeated through a simple rectangular grid, in which each element is a pixel in a 4×4×7 grid, forming a very classic chair-shape with a backrest. Molecule chair is made of 36 spheres, but cubes, pyramids, or cylinders could also work as the primary element that fit the system, which allows for numerous possibilities. The system explores the sculptural qualities of a chair as object, rather than ergonomic ones. 

Klemen Ilovar
Branko Vraničar
poplar wood
Molecule chair

The grid system works with various shapes as the base element

All of the spheres are wood turned by hand from poplar wood. The spheres are joined by a hidden stainless steel structure that penetrates the spheres like a skewer. The chair is painted bright grey and polished to a light shine. I collaborated with a local wood turner and a carpenter to make it happen.

A sketch for the 4×4×7 grid

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